So many people these days see the United States Postal Service as foe rather than friend.  I know the price of postage is only going up, but with a little knowledge you can easily navigate the usps.  Here we go…
It’s hip to be square…but being hip will cost.  Square envelopes require extra postage because they have to be processed differently.  This is important to know because you don’t want your adorable square party invitations all returned (or simply lost if you did not include a return address)!
Over-sized and higher priced… If your envelope measures larger than 6″x9″ it will cost more to mail.  See above on having all of those lovely invitations returned to your mailbox!
Turn-around… Our mail carrier at the store picks up before noon every day.  Can you believe that some of the letters we send make it to the recipient’s mailbox that very same afternoon?!  It’s true.  The postal service works very hard to ensure that turn-around is short, so your mail will often arrive at its destination quite quickly!
All shapes and sizes… Did you know you can mail invitations in something other than your average envelope?  We’ve got tubes, boxes, and containers of all shapes and sizes that can be processed through your local post office.  It’s definitely a fun surprise in the mailbox of your recipients!
We hope that this information can help you more easily navigate the USPS.  Mailing things does not have to be stressful!