You are either a good speller or you are not.  There really is not an in-between.  Good spellers can easily be lumped in with those annoying Grammar Police, but let me tell you… good spellers are in a different ball game.  Consider bad spellers, if you will.  People have trouble forgiving a misspelled word on a resume or professional email.  But bad grammar?  That can easily be forgiven.  I mean, you’ve probably already skimmed over all of my grammar mistakes in this paragraph with barely a bat of an eye!

Did you know it is considered incorrect grammar to use a contradiction in a hand-written note or a printed invitation?  It is also incorrect {technically} to say, for instance, August 8th.  The correct way to print this on an invitation is August 8.  Did that just blow your mind?  No, it didn’t, because bad grammar is easily overlooked.
But spell stationery with an “a” in place of that “e,” and heads are going to roll.