We have been so busy decking our halls that the elves at Mint Julep Paperie have had little time to update the blog! We’re back now, though, with a very important How-to from our friends at Crane & Co….

It’s true that every letter one sends should be written earnestly and with importance. After all, while status updates tend to capture the commonalities of everyday life — a particularly delightful lunch, cheeky cat videos — a letter reports the thoughts, milestones and stories that have accumulated over time.

However, there is one letter every year that is written with especially particular focus and purpose to a very influential older gentleman: Santa Claus.

It is a letter that must recall with influential detail the benevolence, impeccable behavior and overall good nature one has exuded over the past year. At the same time, it requests something (or, in most cases, many things) of the recipient, who is given a very specific deadline to fulfill said requests.

We recognize the gravitas that is the Letter to Santa, and so below are our tips on how to write the perfect letter to everyone’s favorite red-suited shopkeeper.

1. Think Like An Elf: A letter to Santa should be short and efficient. We hear Mr. Claus receives billions of letters every year from children all over the world, and so he appreciates it when he receives one that is personal, yet to the point. One page should be plenty.
2. Don’t Be Shy: This is your time to tell Santa why you deserve a treat or two under the tree. Don’t worry — you don’t have to save the world in order to get the best present. Helping mom set the dinner table may not seem like a big deal, but Santa does.
3. Don’t Forget the Trimmings: Santa loves decorations as much as we do. We hear the string of lights for his tree can wrap all the way around the North Pole. Twice. Give your letter that same twinkle, whether it’s with your own colorful drawings, stickers or a pen with a fun ink color — green or red, of course.
4. Compliment Mr. Kringle: Everyone likes to know they have fans, and Santa is no different. Maybe his signature “ho ho ho” makes you laugh every time, or maybe you think his bushy beard is dashing. Whatever you like about Santa, let him know — it’s always better to give than receive, after all.
5. Five Items Or Fewer: Make sure you think really carefully about what you ask Santa for. Think about what Santa’s elves can make (probably not a helicopter) and make sure mom and dad give your list the thumbs up. When you only include five or fewer things, Santa knows you’ve thought long and hard about what you really want.

And where might one find stationery suitable for a letter to Santa? Why, at Mint Julep Paperie of course!photo