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We are all about duograms lately at Mint Julep Paperie.  What is a duogram?  Well it’s a combination of two letters, usually representing two individuals.  It could also be two letters from the same person’s name, but recently we’ve been using duograms for all things wedding.  It can also be a fun way to “brand”

It’s a dreary day today in Shreveport, so we decided to brighten things up by sharing a beautifully inspiring invitation set!  Dauphine Press is one of our favorite letterpress companies.  They are constantly stretching the limits and coming up with beautiful new designs, combining fabulous colors with unique print methods.  Their designs definitely reach beyond

One of my favorite things to do is open the mailbox.  It usually results in disappointment when I see a stack of bills and nothing but, though every now and then I will come across a hand-addressed envelope.  How exciting!  Maybe it’s a party?  Or maybe a note from a long-lost friend?  Now imagine opening

This is the title of an online article that recently piqued my attention.  Before even getting in to the article, I’m sensing hostility to my precious thank you notes with the idea that kids are “forced” into writing them.   Being a stationer, I obviously root for the written word.  But I read this article

Can you tell I like a good play on words?  This is the first in what will be a series on wedding papers.  It’s something that is very near and dear, as I work on weddings every single day.  And I’ve found that so many brides have so many questions about wedding papers! Today, we’re

There are so many little facts that I keep in my head regarding wedding invitations and etiquette!  I forget that these little nuggets of information are not universally known by all brides-to-be, so I thought I would share some of them with you today.  Did you know… wedding invitations can take two to four weeks