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Do you like to plan ahead? Make to-do lists and get tasks accomplished early? We all know this can save you stress during crunch time, but it can often save you money as well! Our friends at Crane & Co. and William Arthur have brought back their popular Holiday Card Promotion again this year, so

Cute kid stuff is all around, and it’s even cuter when it’s personalized! Do you ever come across something to simple and so smart that you wonder why you didn’t come up with it? That’s how I feel about one of my new favorite finds. This sports/snack bottle from ICPG is genius! The top is

We think the best part of the whole Back-to-School season is the abundance of school supplies to shop for! Remember the excitement you had as a kid when you packed your new backpack on the night before the first day of school? New pencils to be sharpened and new binders to be filled were just

We’ve all seen the same old address stamps on envelopes for what seems like years and years now. The old styles have been around the block, but just when you thought of retiring your stamp, Three Designing Women comes up with some really modern, fun new designs with tons of possibilities! These stamps are no

I heard a fun fact on the radio this morning. They quoted a study that surveyed employers who said if they had not yet decided which applicant to hire and they received a thank you note from one, they were 75% likely to hire the applicant who sent the thank you note. So if you’re

Your new bundle of joy brings with him or her lots of fun shopping opportunities, and one of the best is picking out birth announcements! So, what’s your birth announcement style? Photo or no photo? Flat card or folded? Classic and pretty or modern and whimsical? No matter what style you choose for announcing your

While we are truly “paper people” at our core, us girls at MJP also love social media!  From writing our blog and communicating via emails and twitter to reading other paper-related blogs, we are all using social media every day.  It can never replace a written note or mailed invitation, but it sure is fun!

We are big fans of Boatman Geller at MJP!  Their patterns range from classic and preppy to whimsical and mod, and the quality of their work is second to none.  We are always giddy to receive the Boatman Geller annual product updates and see what fab new patterns they have sent us to apply to

As you know, inspirations from design can easily cross mediums.  Our invitation designs have been inspired by paintings, photographs, and even the beautiful flower beds right outside our store window.  These invitations, for example, were inspired by Pantone’s spring colors. Interior design is another great place to look for a window into a client’s personal

People like to say that we are monogram-crazed in this part of the country, and I’m not sure how that’s a bad thing!  At MJP, we put monograms on paper, acrylic trays, recipe boxes, drink stirrers, ice buckets, mouse pads, glass cutting boards, and luggage tags, to name a few.  But before you think of