While we are truly “paper people” at our core, us girls at MJP also love social media!  From writing our blog and communicating via emails and twitter to reading other paper-related blogs, we are all using social media every day.  It can never replace a written note or mailed invitation, but it sure is fun!  A blog favorite around here is The Blog by Crane & Co.theblog_logo2They offer behind-the-scenes looks at how the wheels turn and your stationery is made, interviews with stationers and store owners, and etiquette help among other things.  On their blog around gift-giving holidays, they even offer helpful suggestions on how to pick the perfect stationery gifts.  The How-To’s cover the gamut from how to write the perfect lunch box note to how to leave a calling card.  This wedding stationery timeline can be extremely helpful for the brides-to-be who are looking at calendars and starting to plan their big day!wedding-stationery-timeline-blogAll in all, The Blog is fun to read and full of useful information.  Go check it out!